Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sec 1 maths performance Task reflection

I I understand that statistics is recording and interpretation of data that you have collected. The use of statistics is used to classify data, so that people can be able to find and read the information more easily and able to see mass information more easily. Statistics is part of what made Singapore it is today.

Statistics can be used in real life, to keep track of time, how much money we spent in order to make sure we don’t overspent. The Statistics Department of Singapore collect data on household income, number of members in a family in a household, their age group. It also collects data on businesses in Singapore. Examples : Revenue(import and export). Number of workers, types of worker. No, I didn’t use graphs or tables for keeping track of the amount of money I spent, as I have set myself to spend drinks only 3 days each week. Yes, I did notice that my family’s usage of electricity, water and gas are presented in charts. They are presented as such to make the information clearer. They collect data so as to find out what Singaporeans need so as to improve our lives better. Through this, the MPs will be able to evaluate thoroughly on what needs improvement and help build a more stable Singapore. If they find that more people have only earn enough just to meet ends everyday, they will lower the cost of a few things and help the family with their financial crisis.

Statistic can also help to find out how many foreign workers we have right now, since we need another 90 000 more foreign workers as quoted from MM Lee.

My job is to analyze on the bus services 3, 7, 12, 172, 188. However during Tuesday, I had religion lessons from 9.30 to 5 and after that, I had to go to a temple to pray until 9.30pm. Thus I had not done my work yet. Fortunately, my group members are very understanding and has agreed to help me do some, thus relieving me of much of my burden. For that I am very grateful and promise that I will do more work the next time.

When I reach school the other day, I found out they didn't do any of it for me. However, I'm even more happy for I will have more chance to contribute to the group. We are now currently doing the poster and my job is to write the brief introduction, for that I'm happy to, for now I have something to do and would not be chided for not doing anything.

The poster is done and we are using bar graphs to show the value, finally the poster is done and I am so happy!! Finally I can sit back and relax. I hope that next year's maths performance task will not be so hard anymore.